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3D technology is the last step between imagining and creating

Dassault Systèmes launched its 3D Experience 2019 forum, to share with partners and customers some experiences with the use of third-dimensional software, design and engineering.

“The 3D experience is the last step between what we imagine and what we build,” said Bernard Chalés, CEO of the French company during the opening of the event.

Among the solutions offered by the company is model-based system engineering, which provides greater traceability in projects in any industry.

This tool allows you to create three-dimensional models to perform tests prior to the development of a project.

For example, for the construction of an energy plant or aircraft, companies can create the traditional model to determine how it will work and, on that model, find faults or possible improvements.

It is the “digital twin”, which can be maintained for a better execution and maintenance of the work, explained the manager.

Companies like Boeing use Dassault’S 3D Experience platform to create aircraft models and perform pre-construction tests.

Lucia Chung, Boeing’s senior technology director, said the company is in a process of change in all its processes, using this platform, to ensure best practices.

Vaseem Khan, vice president of Engineering at McDermott, added that the feedback in real-time 3D models become more efficient and transparent infrastructure projects, such as power plants.

Dassault Systèmes is one of the leading 3D engineering software companies. Europe’s rail network, aeronautical and automotive companies such as Boeing and Faurecia, as well as smart cities such as Shanghai and Singapore, use the company’s 3D Experience Platform for the design of their project models.

Even the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) designed the Mexican assault rifle Xiuhcoatl FX-05, A fire snake in Nahuatl, using this technology, commented Gunther Barajas, vice president of the company in Mexico.

During the Las Vegas Forum, the company will show solutions for sectors such as aviation, automotive, high technology and health.

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