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Barcelona se prepara para recibir al mallorca por la fecha 15 de La liga españa, pues el mismo acaba de perder la punta por el real madrid que ganó el día de hoy 2 a 0. Los azul grana irán con todo para recuperar la punta y ser líder para …

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Spanish university technology to reduce food waste

The BinSight project, presented by the University of Cantabria, is one of the three finalists of the Atos IT Challenge, an International University Technology competition, in which 20 teams from all over the world participate. In its eighth edition, the competition focuses on the application of artificial intelligence and machine …

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The latest technology lands in the fields of Yecla

The lack of generational relief and the difficulty of finding labour are some of the problems facing the agricultural world. To combat it, new technologies also reach agriculture with the aim of facilitating the process from planting to harvesting. The new machine that begins to be installed in the field, …

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How to monitor crops with technology?

Barranquillera Ludycom developed the Agron technology platform, an innovative service with technological components to support and improve the processes of the field. Gerid García, executive director of the company spoke about this solution and the benefits it will bring to the agro. What is Agron? Agron is a technological solution …

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