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The University of Comahue will have an audio diploma

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The National University of Comahue and The Sound School of the Center for artistic Technology Studies (CTEAR) will create the diploma in Audio and music technology. It will have a semipresential course through virtual media with face-to-face instances at the University’s Capital Headquarters in Neuquén.

The emergence of this proposal was due to the need to provide skills and tools for the treatment of sound and music. “There’s a lawsuit. People who work in private or public activity that can receive content of this nature,” explained Gustavo Ferreyra, Secretary of University Extension. The increasing use of technologies generates a wide working outlet for those people who work in the operation of sound both in the cultural, institutional and educational fields.

The agreement will be signed on 5 July by the foundation of the National University of Comahue for Regional Development (Funyder) and the Latin American professional audio Foundation. From the signing of the convention will include validating the diploma of university extension.

The course will be through virtual media with mandatory modules and workshops to attend in central classrooms at the headquarters of Neuquén. It has an hourly load of 161 hours distributed over 9 months. The diploma gives you tools in recording techniques, production of shows, electrical connectivity and production in sound and lighting. While providing specific tools for people already working in the sound industry, it also trains independent productions such as a play, press conference and other social events.

There is a great production of music that is not given in the recording studios, as it is from the trap, the rap, the DJ, people who operate in parties. But he has minimal knowledge of how sound is operated. Even on public premises there are sound equipment and people do not have a theoretical or practical training in sound.He’s going to give you the tools not only in theory but to come out live, in theater, in shows and conferences.

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